Here I Go

These are my unedited snippets as I make my way to training camp to prepare for Nepal:

So I’m sitting at my gate waiting to board the plane to Atlanta, Georgia and it finally hit me that I’m actually going to Nepal. It didn’t seem as scary when it was in the future and I was still in my comfort zone but as I sit by myself knowing that it will be a month before I come back home, my nerves are increasing. Questions are flooding through my head like, “Why did you decide to do this?”, “You think you can really be gone for a month?”, and “why didn’t you just stay home for the summer instead of causing all this stress and fear?” But I know that those questions are being placed in my head my Satan and I’m here to tell him that he has no place in my mind. The Lord goes before me and stands behind me and I have no need to fear because of that.

Now I’m sitting on the floor in Atlanta waiting for the shuttle to take me to Adventures in Missions! I’m getting more and more excited, but still nervous. I started to get hungry but I didn’t want to start eating the little amount I brought already so I pulled out my Bible to be spiritually fed (sorry that was corny). I read Romans 10:14-17 which talks about how there has to be people who share the good news for others to hear. It also talked about how the main purpose of sharing the Gospel is simply to share because not everyone will be ready to believe. This encouraged me that all I have to do is share and the Lord will work out the rest in his perfect timing. I especially love verse 15 (that everybody knows) which says “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” I want to flourish, I want to be beautiful on the inside, and this verse tells me that the true way to do that is to share God’s love, and I will keep that in the center of my mind as I step into this crazy amazing adventure. 

Lord I am here. I am in Atlanta where the amazing journey you’re taking me on begins. I can’t believe it’s here, that I’m actually doing this. I am called to obey you and surrender my life to you. Here I am Lord, heart abandoned, take me and make me beautiful. Take me and lead me to your will. My life is yours. This is about you and not me. Turn my face to yours in awestruck wonder and keep me from turning to the world. And use me to bring others alongside me to look at and worship you. Help me bring people to you, not to me. Lord, you have sent me so that people can LISTEN about all else. Some may be ready, others will not be. But that is not for me to worry over, you take care of the rest. Holy Spirit, speak through me and fill me with joy and peace. This job you have given me, this calling, is beautiful. Use me to express that beauty and not taint it. I need you Lord now and forever. Amen. 

Thank you so much to everyone who has made this possible for me. I can’t thank you enough for giving me this life changing opportunity. I cannot wait to share my adventures and God moments! Catch ya later 😉

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