The most commonly heard phrases among my seniors and I these days are “I cannot wait to get out of here” and “there is not point in being here anymore.” We spend our days at school counting down until we can go home, or we fail to show up at all. We are all just waiting for our current season of life to end so that we can begin a new one. 

But I was recently reminded that as our days in high school are quickly coming to an end, we should be urgently seeking out opportunities to bless others and make an impact before it is too late rather than wasting away each day. Regardless of there being something exciting in the future, each day is just as important as the next. I can’t imagine how many opportunities I blindly miss each day by being discontent with where I am at. I know now that contentment is finding joy amidst any circumstance and is always within reach, it’s just a matter of if I want to grab it.

And I have decided that from now on I will do my very best to not miss any more opportunities. I know that I will fail many times, but I will also succeed many times. I have decided to be interruptible: throughout my busy days of planning for the future, I will joyfully allow the present to stop me in my tracks. 

My prayer every morning is that God would use me to bless others everyday. My goal is to not let my excitement for the future cause me to miss the opportunities the Lord has for me in the present.

I was also recently challenged to ask God why I was specifically excited for Nepal. As I prayed through it, I realized that this concept of being interruptible stuck out again. When I go to Nepal, it will be the ultimate interruption from my normal life; it will be a month of selfless serving, and I cannot be any more excited. But it dawned on me that if I cannot be uninterruptible for minutes of my day, how will I be uninterruptible for a month?

I am thankful that the Lord has shown me these things lately so that I can prepare my heart better to love on the people of Nepal by loving on the people around me right now. 

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