Laundry pt. 2

Haha jokes this blog is not actually about laundry, don’t worry nothing else scary happened with my clothes besides hand washing them and personally seeing how much dirt comes out. BUT I noticed that a lot of things have been happening similar to the laundry situation. As in, a lot of random things have happened, but I have realized that God had a very specific reason for each one. 

Okay dad get ready with your “I told you so” for this one. Here’s the back story for the rest of you. My super thoughtful father bought me a water bottle that filters water just in case I didn’t have access to clean water, but I tried to tell him I didn’t need it and didn’t have room for it. I did feel bad though because it was super thoughtful and I knew he just wanted me to be safe, so I made it fit in my bag. So I’ve been (cue exaggeration) lugging this water bottle around this whole time. BUT THEN. My teammate lost her water bottle, which is a big sad (you’re welcome Grace), so I have her my extra one!! This is such a small example that seems so insignificant, but God can use anything (can I get an amen?!). If I didn’t have that extra water bottle, my teammate would not have her own water for our long ministry hours, but the Lord had provided for her way before she knew she needed it.

Let me set the scene for this next one. It was a still morning, no sound could be heard besides the fan that was attempting to cool the near 100 degree air (and it was still morning). We were scattered around the room for quiet time, clinging to the Lord’s truth and the every so fleeting gusts of slightly less hot air. AND THEN. The power went out. I can not describe to you well enough the murderous looks on people’s faces as they slowly looked up to see the fan slowing to a stop. Trying to problem solve, I thought that there might be more of a breeze outside of our room. I hopped up and several of my teammates followed behind hoping I was right. You could say it was maybe one degree colder out there, but it was a big deal. We sat down next to some Nepali women that were already there. One of them was the pastor’s wife, who immediately began smiling and talking in Nepali. After trying to use hand signals for some time, our translator walked in and we were able to have a real conversation. She told us how thankful she was that we were here and that she thought of us as her own daughters. She apologized for not having mosquito nets and other things, but we assured her that we had more than enough (I mean it’s true, we’re taking real showers instead of bucket showers here and everything). I will never forget the smile on her face simply because some fans stopped turning.

This one’s for you mom. Every night we walk to a different believers house and have fellowship, where we share testimonies and short sermons. Last night I was going to do the sermon, and the Lord was prepared in such an amazing way. Usually when visiting homes here they give us soda and cookies, and I don’t have anything because I don’t like soda and cannot eat the cookies. BUT THIS TIME, I’m convinced the Lord was providing for me and pumping me up for my sermon because… wait for it… they brought out slices of cucumber!!!! Okay I know that seems boring, but I haven’t had a single vegetable all month and since my mom forces me to eat them every night (thanks mom) my body actually really missed them. Also, all the food is soft or mushy here, so they sound of the cucumber crunching was music to my ears. By the time my sermon came, I had eaten well over a whole cucumber and was so energized and excited that it poured out into my sermon. I can’t help but think the Lord knew what he was doing. Thanks Jesus!

It is evident that every single part of this trip has been perfectly laid out by God, but I just wanted to share some of the smaller examples because they often get overlooked and they are pretty cool 🙂 

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