The Power of Prayer

Before this trip, I was wrestling over the importance of prayer. I continuously used the excuse that God already knew my heart and my thoughts so I didn’t need to take the intentional time to pray often, but really it was an issue of laziness. 

But I got a nice wake up call as soon as I stepped foot in Nepal. Within a few hours of landing, we were walking around a stupa (temple) interceding for the people with prayer. The plan was to walk around and pray for an hour, but I was out of thoughts without the first ten minutes (I later realized that that was one of my problems, I need to rely on the Holy Spirit rather than my own thoughts), so I asked one of my team leaders to pray out loud so I could get some inspiration. What I found is that she was using her surroundings to feed her prayers. For example, she would see a mother worshiping and thank the Lord for her passion and diligence, but also that she would be unsettled and find the true source to turn that passion and diligence toward. She also talked about how she imagined little balls of light being left behind with each step we took. It was in that moment that I learned how important it was to mix the physical with the spiritual, and how important it is sometimes to walk while you pray or lay hands on the people you are praying for. There is something very powerful about it. In those moments the Lord can use us as vessels to transfer light into the darkness and you can almost physically feel it happening, there’s nothing like it. 

Since that day, we have gone on many prayer walks and hikes, and laid hands on dozens of people. It is now one of my very favorite things to do. There’s just something about feeling the darkness being lifted away by the light of our Savior.

That’s what makes it really hard for me to not be at home right now though. My family has continually asked for my prayer for my brother’s movie because there is a lot of spiritual warfare going on there, and I feel a tug at my heart to be present there. But I know if I never went on this trip, I wouldn’t have known how real spiritual warfare and how powerful prayer is, and therefore wouldn’t have been able to make a difference that way. The beautiful thing that I keep reminding myself is that prayer doesn’t have a distance barrier. I can be present there through my continual prayer. I can cast out darkness with the power of the Lord from the other side of the world. Isn’t that the coolest thing?! 

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