Welcome to Nepal!

I just wanted to share a few pictures so that as I invite you into my journey for the next couple of weeks, you can really enter in and be a part of the amazing things that God is going to do here in Nepal (and already has been doing). 

From dannahfritschle.theworldrace.org

This picture is a true testament to the character of the people of Nepal: Welcoming. Friend of stranger, they care about you and want to hear your story. Joy and vulnerability come natural to them, and I pray those qualities begin to rub off on me more and more.

From dannahfritschle.theworldrace.org

Meet my team!! They could not be more uplifting, inviting, loving, and patient. Even though we cram into tiny rooms side by side as we sleep and share one bathroom between fourteen people, not a complaint is heard. Instead, the atmosphere is raw and real and full of laughter. This team was handpicked by God, and I am so blessed to be a part of it. 

From dannahfritschle.theworldrace.org

This is Gringo. The fat pug that loves white people. It’s good to have a dog around cause I miss my puppies (don’t worry, I still love y’all more Snickers and Harvey). 

From dannahfritschle.theworldrace.org

This is beautiful Nepal. The people here consider those giant shadows in the background to be hills and not mountains. They say “wait until you see the real mountains,” and I am in awe that it gets even more beautiful. God is such a beautiful creator, and that is so present here. 

From dannahfritschle.theworldrace.org

My humble abode! It’s such a calm and pleasant environment, it makes it easy to share with so many people. I love sitting out front in the morning to have a quiet time while hearing, seeing, and feeling the nature around me. I also love sitting and eating on the floor in a circle every meal, especially the relaxing mornings sipping hot tea as we prepare to do the Lord’s work everyday and live out what community means. 

From dannahfritschle.theworldrace.org

This is from one of the biggest Buddhist temples. Although it is beautiful, it is a very spiritually dark place. We spent a good amount of time walking around here, interceding and praying for the people worshipping there. It was beautiful to learn the important of connecting pray with the physical act of walking. My leader painted the most beautiful picture of our feet leaving little balls of light with each step to fill up this place of darkness.

From dannahfritschle.theworldrace.org

These are monkeys. Because they are cute. 

. . . 

I hope that you loved these pictures as much as I love this place, and feel welcomed into my journey because it’s y’all who made this possible for me. Thank you so much!

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